What Are E-Girl Pants Called

What Are E-Girl Pants Called


    Small reminder: E-girl is a term for electronic girl or electronic girl, in English. If you're a regular Instagram user, you've probably seen this aesthetic accompanied by the hashtag #egirl, which has nearly 2 million likes. So, understand more about this style, get inspired by the photos and learn how to join the trend.

    The clothes used by the E-Girls 

    Heavy makeup, dark clothing and, almost always, dressed in plaid or striped prints, e-girls are a big hit on social networks Instagram and TikTok. Discover some important features to adopt the look:


    • Heavy makeup: perhaps the most important detail of this aesthetic is the makeup. Some striking features are a light contour, a red or other shade, well-lit skin and lots of blush. The lips are also well defined, making the mouth look bigger, and other elements, such as facial designs, are also part of e-girl makeup.
    • Colored hair: Another important aesthetic detail is the hair. These girls almost always have their hair colored in fancy shades, which can be all or part of their hair. In addition, they also wear a lot of bangs or split hair.
    • Plaid and stripes: for having a lot of influence of punk and grunge styles, clothes with these prints are part of the wardrobe of every e-girl. Plaid skirts, pants and dresses are very present in the aesthetic, as well as striped blouses like those worn by Kurt Cobain.
    • Chains: This style can be customized at home, and for this the use of chains is very present. Chains are used in skirts, pants, shoes and as jewelry or other accessories.
    • Dark or basic style: e-girls wear dark clothes and heavy makeup most of the time, but the style can also be more basic. They usually alternate between group shirts in busy looks and jeans with a simple T-shirt and lighter makeup.
    • This style has striking features, but like any aesthetic, it is also customized to each girl's look. So, if you want to adhere to the style, you can follow some tips, but also adapt as you see fit.

    What is the name of the E-Girl Pants?

     The E-Girl pants don't have a specific name, they are usually black and with a chain. If you are interested in e-girl pants but don't know what they are, we strongly recommend you to look at our collection dedicated only to e-girl pants. A collection made by specialists in the field for babygirls! Click below to access the collection for E-Girl.



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