What is an E-Girl ?

What is an E-Girl ?


    The E-Girls, what is it?

    An angelic but demonic girl, having fun making Ahegaos, drinking cans of Monsters with a totally grunge or gothic look. She loves video games and is often dressed in black clothes mixed with pastel colors, it can only be one thing... She's an E-Girl!
    While the Internet is full of girls, some of them have a lot of success with boys. And, they sometimes take advantage of it to monetize their charm. After all, why not take advantage of it?
    But, you should know that they all look alike, while being different from each other. In order to understand what an E-Girl is, we will establish all the basics. So that you know from A to Z what these girls are. Buckle up, because it's going to be a long journey!

    Introduction to the basics: What is an E-Girl?

    E-girls, or electronic girls, have taken the internet by storm, introducing a new visual style to young girls. Having emerged with the help of TikTok and Instagram, this new class of girls is inspired by "emo" and "gothic" looks and follows a heavier, different style compared to the sleeker aesthetic that is prevalent on social media today with VSCO Girl and Soft Girl. The colored hair, chains and heavy makeup add to the sad and melancholic musical style and become the trademarks of the new wave of e-girls.

    The latest counterculture to traditional internet influencers, e-girls are women, mostly teenagers, who are inspired by and resemble the emo look that was popular in the early 2000s. They are known for wearing darker, heavier accessories, as well as being heavy video game users. With this new wave, the term no longer has a negative connotation and is no longer used ironically by those who define themselves as "e-girls."

    The new concept of e-girls has emerged with the recent growth of TikTok, a platform that allows the recording and editing of short videos. Several posts made on the app with the hashtag #egirl showed girls with heavy makeup, dark clothing and colorful hair. Most of these videos show "ordinary" girls transforming into e-girls.

    Despite its recent popularization, the term has been known on the Internet for many years by the e-gaming public. Urban Dictionary users defined e-girls as young women who used online games to attract men's attention by flirting with them. Recently, Belle Delphine, a popular Instagram user, went public by selling her bath water for $30 to "thirsty young gamers," reminding everyone of the first wave in which the term became known.

    When did E-Girl start?

    This is surely the event that gave birth to one of the most important movements of the whole internet. And still today, this simple moment has changed the web forever. The E-Girls movement started in the early mid 2010s. 

    The definition of an E-Girl

    The first time the word "E-Girl" was uttered and recorded was in June 2009, when the word was noted on Urban Dictionary. But, it is important to know that the word "E-Girl" was originally a pejorative word. Indeed, girls who were referred to by this term were often associated with girls playing online games like League of Legends or Dofus. So far, nothing wrong with that. But, these would be girls found on Twitter and Discord, sharing their nudes. Moreover, it is not uncommon to come across E-Girls with an onlyfans. A platform where you pay to see nude girls, in the vast majority. Not to mention that some have a Twitch account and promote their Onlyfans or other media on it.

    The beginning of E-Girls

    You could say you were part of the Elite if you knew about E-Girls back when it was something that ran in small forums. But, the movement has changed, and it has been democratized as of 2019!

    How to identify an E-Girl ?

    To recognize an e-girl, there is nothing really complicated. You just have to ask yourself the right questions. And for that, we've compiled the top 7 best questions to ask yourself when you see a girl you think is an E-Girl. This little guide is as follows:

    E-Girl Checklist

    • Does the girl have a style of dress close to emo, grunge or even gothic girls?
    • Is she available on social networks like TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, OnlyFans?
    • Does she play online video games like League of Legends while streaming on her Twitch account?
    • More often than not, they have two-tone or even fully dyed hair. Does she have dyed hair in a pastel color?
    • Does she do Ahegaos when she is with people or even with one of her friends?
    • Does she tend to act sexy while letting her geeky side speak?
    • A line of eyeliner with lipsticks often black, plaid skirts with gothic chains. They are often this way.

    It is useless to call a girl an e-girl if she meets only one of these criteria. But, if she meets at least 5 of them, then you have your answer! She's a babygirl.
    The E-Girl Clothing Style
    Now that we know what to expect, and we know what an E-Girl is, let's define the clothing style and its fashion. If you want to become an E-Girl, we invite you to visit the article "How to dress like an E-Girl". 

    E-girls are generally known for their eye-catching looks, with bright and dark colored clothing and accessories. Typically, these girls have colored hair, often dyed in two or more colors, with gradients. Thick dark eyeliner, often applied under the eyes, pink blush on the cheeks and nose, and dark eye shadows are some of the makeup brands used.

    Their clothes are inspired by anime and rock bands, like those worn by emos. Long black shirts, often worn on top of each other creating several layers, and a-line skirts, mixed with chains attached to the belt, complete the look of the electronic girls. Musical taste for sad and melancholic songs is another class demarcation factor. Artists such as Billie Eilish and Avril Lavigne are considered style references for e-girls.

    Differences and similarities with VSCO girls and soft girls
    By identifying themselves as e-girls, these young girls seek to break away completely from a visual pattern disseminated by VSCO girls and soft girls. The former are known for having a more "basic" look, using a more clean and common aspect in relation to all the young girls of today, reminding the old "Tumblr girls".

    The soft girls, on the other hand, are known for having a more "cute" and infantilized look, very similar to the already known "baby girls". They wear youthful clothes, such as skirts and colorful dresses, and usually pose for their pictures always in shades of pink, imitating a more childlike look.

    How did E-Girl Emerge ?

    The popularity of this name has increased in recent years. Searches for the term have been on the rise since 2019, after peaking in the United States in October of the same year, according to Google Trends, a platform for tracking Internet searches. On Instagram, it is already possible to find more than 628,000 posts with the hashtag "#egirl", with content shared from all over the world. On TikTok, the Android and iPhone (iOS) app on which the term was popularized, there are thousands of videos of girls showing their transformation into e-girls and sharing their look and lifestyle.

    E-girls have become famous on TikTok, a popular short video app - Photo: TikTok

    What do the photos/videos look like on TikTok of E-Girls?

    TikTok has become the main medium for the new wave of e-girls, as it is a network that allows the sharing of videos made by editing and compiling various clips. This is how videos became popular in which "ordinary" girls, often similar to VSCO girls and softs girls, break free from these channels and become e-girls, acquiring a new look and a new personality.

    This new class of girls has also taken over Instagram, today's largest image-sharing social network. With their striking outfits and distinctive poses, their photos are known for their colorful montages, usually embellished with stickers from Korean children's cartoons, such as Hello Kitty, or morbid skulls and figurines. E-girls are quickly recognized by the combination of their eye-catching looks and colorful photos.

     How to become an E-Girl?

    Like it or not, every moment in history is marked by different styles. For example, in the 1970s, the hippies marked the United States with their loose, colorful clothing - some of them even without any clothing at all. In contrast, in the 2000s, emos in Brazil were a tribe that wore only black, boots and black eyeliner - always accompanied by melodramatic music.

    The e-girl style is nothing more than a form of expression, which can reveal a lot about how a certain part of the youth in the world feels today.

    Now that you know what an e-girl is and also where it comes from, see what the steps are to become one of them.

    Step 1 - Eyeliner

    The true E-girl is born with the outline ready. In other words, use and abuse eyeliners and don't be afraid to be daring. Most importantly, the heavy black makeup tone will make you a perfect girl and e-girl. With a dark and striking look, but also a little bit of kindness, you are already halfway to the transformation. Eyeliner enhances your style, as do tops to wear with a plaid skirt or jeans. The same goes for other bottoms, like shorts or leggings.

    Step 2 - Clothing

    The style is also closely associated with the otaku universe, or, as we say to girls, the otome universe. When choosing clothes, do not forget to exaggerate the basic little black - one of the main marks of the style. Finally, long socks, gloves and accessories such as chokers are welcome to complete your look.

    Jeans, sweaters, sunglasses, jackets or coats can sometimes ruin your style if you don't wear them properly. That's why we recommend you to wear striped long sleeve tees over another tee with a design.

    Step 3 - Blush

    In the beginning, pink cheeks are also the trademark of the style. After making the skin makeup, with the concealer and base of your color, apply the blush well and above all do not forget to blend the product well. Only then will you get the wonderful effect of the image above. When we talk about jeans, we will rather opt for trousers and not skinny pants. That's why at the level of underwear you will be free.
    We recommend that you fill your wardrobe with only the essentials, so that you only have clothes that you actually wear. When people take buckets hats for example, they will make sure that this garment is sober and neutral, or at least representative of who they are. 

    Step 4 - Drawing under the eyes

    Now, if you really want to be a card-carrying e-girl, just invest in the heart, or stripes, under your eyes. Use eyeliner or liner and do your best with the outline!

    Step 5 - Lipstick

    To finish the stylish e-girl look, just invest in lipsticks that bring a natural look to the mouth. Or, if you want to get closer to the gothic style, just abuse dark matte colors. Maybe black, purple or red will enhance the look well.

    The Starter Pack for E-Girls

    Buying your clothes for E-Girls is not something easy, and some people do not find their clothes in physical stores. That's why we have created this store just for e-girls! And, to make your transition easier, we decided to offer a complete pack with ALL the accessories that are essential for any e-girl, complete and without lack. The articles are as follows:

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    For a total value of $511.89. The pack is a perfect springboard to become an E-Girl very simply because it has everything in it, nothing needs to be added! That's why we made an exceptional offer by making a net discount to make you earn $311.90 very simply by making people happy! The total price is only 199.99$. The problem is this: We only have 10. But, if you are reading this line, it means that there are still starter packs available.


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