E-Girl Pants

25 products

25 products

The E-Girl pants you need to have on your shelves to express your way of seeing fashion.

Want a hot outfit for going out? Our e-girl pants are absolutely perfect for grungy style when you're out with your friends or going to class! Choose from a range of more than several exclusive designs and master these patterns in style for a look that is absolutely unheard of.

A lot of gothic and grunge clothing brands have solid colors, but not at E-Girl Factory. The least we can say is that our designers are not sober... Why? Because according to us, an outfit for babygirl worthy of the name must display colors sober but classy. That's why, you must also choose yours today and make it your favorite outfit for outings. Unlike shorts, pants keep the heat in. It's perfect for seasons like fall or winter. So, a denim with one of your wardrobe tops will make you look just as stylish, especially if you wear earrings, jewelry or grunge accessories. It will enhance your e-girl look!

E-Girl Pants = UwU

Let's face it, our clothing line isn't designed to please everyone. It's also not meant to be worn by just anyone. Our designers work to offer the best to those who deserve it. Whether you have Goth tendencies, grunge style, or anime openings looped in your headphones while out and about, it's a given that one of our designs is made for your out-of-this-world style. These are pants for women. So, if you are one of those women, know that the collection is surely made for you! A slim-fit pants is married with jackets small enough that perfectly fit the hips.

If you want to keep it simple, we suggest you choose a black and white pant. We have some with check patterns quite discreet, it may be what you are looking for. If, like most of the women visiting this page, you want to keep it simple and impose your style everywhere you go, then the vast majority of our items will please you! Pants with chain, white pants with crosses, slim-fit pants sometimes see leggings, in short, you will find without looking too hard your happiness!

A garment for women 👌

We have just stated a lot of the exits. But these babygirls pants will be perfect for multiple occasions. If you're not the type to go to specific places, no worries! The comfort of baggy pants that don't wear out is perfect when you travel for example. Taking the plane in skinny jeans is not necessarily top... While a baggy pants is perfect. But why settle for a solid color like most brands offer? No way for you and that's exactly why you're here!

If you're also looking for more professional styles, you can check out our collection focused on E-Girl Shirts. Why not complete your bottom with a top worthy of the name? Might as well give your style a run for its money, don't you think?

Here, we will not deal with cropped tees or tees in general, so they are very comfortable. The same goes for jumpsuits which are rather intended for women who are not in our movement. We prefer a wide leg pants, sometimes with Cotton twill. A collection on the drawstring from here can, but we advise you to store your things like your phone or your rings in a belt with pockets. We are rather baggy, then the slim-fit are not present, and even less a simple elestic leggings (basically an activewear). We advise you to wear shoes with heels or which makes you taller