Casual Color Block Sweatshirt

Casual Color Block Sweatshirt

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A Casual Color Block Sweatshirt. To have in his wardrobe.

When you love 90's oversized clothes, it is important to choose them well. That's why a simple and comfortable garment will do the trick perfectly. And this top is definitely the best way to dress up. Indeed, composed of cotton, this garment will give you an excellent comfort.

Why a Casual Color Block Sweatshirt and not another top?

Vintage, retro and 90's clothing is back in fashion. That's why it's important to bring out your old clothes, but not everyone is so lucky. Don't worry, we'll help you young lady! This Casual Color Block Sweatshirt is a perfect garment for young women, and it was common to come across it with this top. In addition to being relatively roomy, know that this garment is very comfortable. 


  • Very Soft
  • Pleasent to Wear
  • 95% Cotton
  • Unavaible in a physical store