Chubby E-Girl Shoes
Chubby E-Girl Boots
Chubby E-Girl Shoes
Chubby E-Girl Shoes

Chubby E-Girl Shoes

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Discover a whole new way to walk while looking good with these Chubby E-Girl Shoes!

To be in perfect comfort, you must choose your clothes perfectly. Whether it is a top or a bottom, a T-shirt or a pair of pants, a sock or shoes, these clothes must be perfectly adapted to your movements. That's why we offer this in the form of shoes. You don't buy shoes, but comfort and freedom with these shoes.

Chubby E-Girl Shoes: How to wear them?

In order to properly wear these shiny shoes and maximize their style, you must perfectly choose your clothes.

  • Choose a shirt that is oversized, or at least roomy. With short sleeves if possible.
  • You need a plaid pants or skirt. This will enrich the color of your bottom perfectly.
  • Take short socks, black if possible.


  • 4cm Sole
  • Lace Closure
  • Reinforced sole
  • Very comfortable 
  • Not available in physical stores